Band Practice Volunteer Responsibilities

  1. 2-3 Volunteers are required for each outside practice during marching season. Volunteers need to be at school at least ½ hour before practice to help prepare water coolers and set up stations
  2. Ice machine and water tap is located in school cafeteria kitchen. Ask Mr. Weiss to unlock kitchen door.  You will need one 10-gallon cooler of ice water, and 5- to 7-gallons of Gatorade/ice.  When it is extremely hot and/or humid, make 10- & 5-gallon coolers of ice water, and a 10-gallon cooler of Gatorade.   Gatorade mix is found in the band room kitchen area.
  3. One volunteer needs to be outside at practice site at all times to monitor any medical or other emergencies, even if the water carts are not yet outside. If the students are in multiple locations, at least one volunteer should be with each group. Be sure to check on Color Guard, Drumline and Pit regularly, if in different locations.
  4. Depending on weather conditions, carts should have water and Gatorade coolers, paper cups, first aid back pack, snacks, containers to distribute snacks, water pitchers, cooler with soaked towels, sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, paper towels, trash bags, duct tape, tables, pop-up tents (canopies) and chairs. Additional supplies can be found in the band room kitchen area or storage container. Please plan accordingly.
  5. When serving snacks, please be aware that several students each year have SEVERE food allergies, to things such as peanuts, tree nuts and gluten (and others). Please be certain to avoid cross-contamination by separating foods containing these ingredients from those that do not. While it is nearly impossible to eliminate trace amounts of allergens, peanut butter (or Nutella, almond butter, etc) should NEVER be served.
  6. Clean out coolers and pitchers, and wipe down tables after each practice.  Restock supplies (expect food) in wagons. Trash needs to be put in dumpster.   If towels are used, a volunteer needs to bring used/wet towels home to be washed, and brought back by next practice.
  7. Need to have one CPR-certified or First Aid-trained volunteer at each practice.